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An App to Effectively Safeguard All Your Passwords

Advanced Password Manager is a tool to secure and safeguard your various passwords. It does so by letting you organize all your passwords in a single vault across browsers. Your passwords must be loaded only once; you can secure them thereafter with a master key. You have to remember only the master key so that you could access your other confidential information. With Advanced Password Manager, you can protect your browser login information, passwords, credit card details, social security numbers, etc. Moreover, the master key is encrypted so that no one knows what it is, except you.

It is an all-in-one password management solution that secures & cleans identity traces found on your PC to a secure cloud.

Advanced Password Manager organizes and manages hundreds of your passwords so that you never have to forget any password again. Identity traces include personal information like passwords, cc details, social security numbers, and profile/telephone numbers. It allows you to create a master password for all your accounts.
A. Scans your PC for identity traces
B. Secures identity traces
C. Removes traces from system by encrypting them and uploading them to cloud vault using AES-256 encryption
D. Shows you degree of threat
E. Has a Browser Extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome which:
     -Manages all new and old passwords
     -Can save and auto-fill forms
     -Uses master password for all accounts
1. Uses AES-256 encryption to save passwords to the cloud (still a challenge to hackers).
2. Unlocks vault with one Master password.
3. Removes identity traces from PCs.
4. Helps to create Strong Passwords
5. You can access your passwords on major browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox & Internet Explorer from any computer.
6. Free Scan: Advanced Password Manager offers a free scan version for the user so that the user can view identity traces found on their PCs.
7. Detailed scan & repair: Every corner of your PC is checked for any identity traces. This ensures protection of your identity.
8. 24x7x365 support: Free lifetime call support is given to all users. Or users can reach out to us by mailing on


  • Seamlessly syncs personal data across all web browsers
  • AES-256 encryption


  • No standalone mobile app
  • Free version is literally barebones

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Advanced Password Manager


Advanced Password Manager for PC

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